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The World's Only Crystal Water Bottles Created To Infuse Water So That It Can Help Support Healthy Weight Loss!
Everyone should always have a water bottle with them, especially since staying hydrated year-round is imperative. Even if you prefer to stay indoors or spend time outside, one must remember to drink enough water to avoid exhaustion while working out to prevent dehydration. An issue with standard water bottles is that they don’t keep drinks hot or cold after the first sip. Two-liter picnic water containers that are as heavy as they appear are a thing of the past.

The popularity of crystals is understandable. They’re beautiful, enigmatic, and even magical, according to many. While crystals have been used for centuries in various events, people are always looking for new ways to get their crystals fixed.

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SlimCrystal Result
Jenna Michaels, Miami, FL
"After my second pregnancy, because of a very stressful job, I gained 24 pounds...
I had such a low energy that it took me over 30 minutes to get out of bed each morning...
Plus I felt tired all day long, with no energy for my kids.
So I decided to start working with the healing energy of crystals in order to keep stress under control, and to increase my energy level, and that's how I found the SlimCrystal bottles.
After just a few months of drinking water from my SlimCrystal bottle, I feel that my life has completely changed.
I am able to manage stress way better, and my energy is back, as I am overflowing with energy all day long!
It took me only 3 and half months to get rid of all the access weight I accumulated in the last 2 years, and I am back to a size 8!
 I recently turned 43, but I feel young again! 

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What is SlimCrystal?

One of the most inventive ways to incorporate many health benefits without being exposed to dangerous substances is using Slim Crystal. The process for using the water bottle is not complicated or tough. The extremely potent beverage is also a treatment for a number of illnesses.

The taste of the water will never change because it will always be odorless and tasteless. People who have used the product before reported that it did a great job of revitalizing their bodies. The water bottle is made up of a number of components that actively promote weight loss. Simply put, Slim Crystal is a way to have more energy, happiness, and achieve a satisfying weight loss outcome. The most recent and original creation offers plenty of energy without posing any health risks.

No matter what age category the user belongs to, the water bottle has benefits for everyone. The manufacturer makes it very clear that Slim Crystal is a superb health product with nine distinct types of crystals that makes weight loss very simple and effective. Start using Slim Crystal to quench your thirst, just as you do when you regularly drink water. Eventually, the combined power of crystals will cause your body to naturally start losing extra weight every day.

Slim Crystal is not a brand-new weight loss solution. In fact, it has been around for a very long time and is already being used by many individuals all over the world. Beyond achieving a slimmer figure, it offers so many general health advantages that you feel like utilizing it indefinitely.
SlimCrystal Ingridents
Each of our SlimCrystal bottles contain 9 types of natural crystals inside them. Experts claim that they can provide amazing health benefits to the the human body.
And when you start drinking water that has been revitalized with our SlimCrystal's powerful combination of natural crystals, your body gets these benefits.
All our clients say that drinking water from our bottles helped them lose weight naturally and become happier, and that's why they love them so much!

How Does SlimCrystal Work?

SlimCrystal works effectively with the unique combination of fine crystals that help quickly reduce your tummy fat and improve your health. Drinking water in a Slim Crystal bottle contains a powerful combination of nine crystals.

The minerals infused water that comes with excellent potential helps in losing weight effectively. Slim Crystal water bottle allows you to attain your weight loss goals, long-term aid youthfulness, and maintain high energy levels within days.

SlimCrystal is about achieving slimming weight and increasing your metabolic rate by more than 20%.

SlimCrystal water bottle help in increasing your metabolic rate, which allows the oxygen content to rise significantly. The gemstones improve the speed of metabolism and naturally control the appetite to prevent the desire for hunger.

The combination of crystals in the Slim Crystal water bottle helps to revitalise the body and effectively removes unwanted weight, negative feelings, and other ailments without diet or medication.

Slim Crystal Water Bottle Ingredients

As it is given on the official website of Slim Crystal Slimming water Bottles, each bottle is added 9 types of natural crystals inside. These crystals can promise significant health benefits to the body if you drink water that is infused with these crystals every day.

 Clear Quartz:

 Natural healers believe it’s a super therapist that amplifies and regulates your body’s energy. Its benefits include boosting recall and focus and bringing balance to the body. Continued use can help in boosting your immune system..


  As a natural sedative, amethyst is a beautiful gemstone. Its high vibration blocks unwanted, demanding energies and promotes a state of calm. Amethyst is a protective stone for the mind and spirit. It can help you overcome anxiety or addiction-related thought patterns and open yourself up to a deeper level of awareness when used for this purpose.


 Inspiration, imagination, and self-expression are all stimulated by citrine. It’s no surprise that citrine is associated with happiness and optimism, given its cheerful hue. It’s a common practice to use it to attract money and opportunities into one’s life.


  Moonstone assists in improving strength and promoting inner growth. It can also aid in alleviating mental illness and other stressful conditions. Experts believe it can encourage self-discipline, enhance luck, and bring about good fortune in matters related to love.

 Red Agate:

  The Warrior Stone, Red Agate is one of the most powerful healers in existence. It can bring positive energy to help remove any negative feelings you may have and give yourself inner stability so that your mind stays at peace no matter what life throws our way.


  You can enhance fertility and sexuality through the use of Carnelian. It regulates the kidneys and aids in the healing of bones and joints. It also enhances the absorption of minerals and vitamins and ensures that organs and tissues receive adequate blood flow.


 It provides emotional balance and calms panic attacks. It boosts your metabolism and supports healthy food choices. It soothes cravings and relieves stress and tension.

 Green Aventurine:

 This crystal belongs to the quartz family. It is known for its healing properties to assist you with physical, spiritual, and emotional balance. 

 Red Jasper:

 It has healing effects that create balance in your system. It gives you confidence and prevents negative energy, anxiety, stress, and more.
SlimCrystal  60-Day Money Back
SlimCrystal 60-Day Money Back


I’m so confident you’ll love our bottles that I’m prepared to back up your investment with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for the next 60 days.
Start using our bottles when you receive them at your home - in just a few days. Drinking water from SlimCrystal bottles will make your weight loss journey a lot easier and more enjoyable. Your order is fully secure, encrypted and safe. It’s also covered by a rock solid 60 day guarantee.
If at any point during the next 2 months following your order, you are less than satisfied with your results, contact us using the links at the footer of this page and we will refund your order.

The Benefits Of SlimCrystal

  • SlimCrystal is very effective and safe to use by anyone.
  • ​This bottle is a slimming glass water bottle.
  • ​It comes with a slimming bracelet that supports your health, and Lose weight Naturally.
  • ​SlimCrystal includes impressive health benefits.
  • ​This product helps get into your bloodstream.
  • ​In just 30 seconds after drinking it.
  • ​This product can dramatically increase your energy level.
  • ​SlimCrystal attracts abundance and happiness in your life.
  • ​Also, drinking water in SlimCrystal increases your inner vibration.
  • ​The crystals inside SlimCrystal water bottles have been used for decades.
  • ​SlimCrystal implies more happiness and increases your confidence.

SlimCrystal Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I use a Slim Crystal bottle to see significant changes in my weight?
It depends on your body type. However, on average, you can experience notable results within 3-4 months of its consistent use.
Can I use it to get rid of stress?
Yes. The green aventurine and other stones used in these bottles are known for their properties to bring physical and emotional balance. Besides, they can enhance your sleep quality too. This way they benefit you to evade stress and anxiety as well.
Do these crystals really work?
Since the crystals used to add in these bottles are widely used by crystal healing experts successfully to help people with several physical and mental torments. Besides, there is an impressive number of people who could experience the healing properties these bottles can bring after using them.
Do I need to pay any shipping charge while I purchase it?
There are two different packages available on the official page to buy Slim Crystal bottles. Only if you are choosing the basic package, you will need to pay a standard shipping charge.

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